Stonehenge Farms Boom Boom
Boomer is a gorgeous Olde English Bulldog that is setting the standard in the bulldog crosses.  She contributes greatly to our breeding program.  She has excellent conformation and that wonderful brave and sweet bulldog personality.  She is athletic and energetic, and loves to swim.  She also loves to take naps with us in the recliner. 


Mvc-015f.jpg (17859 bytes) Here is Boomer as a four week old puppy.  


DCP01524.JPG (22398 bytes) nine weeks


DCP01531.JPG (13780 bytes)


Boomer begging for a treat. Who could resist?


DCP02333.JPG (10259 bytes)
What a face!
DCP01929.JPG (8493 bytes)
Hanging out with Pearl kitty.