Stonehenge Farms Crashman
This is the ultimate Olde English Bulldog.  "Crash" holds the envious title of King of the Farm.  He is perfect in every way.  Intellegent, athletic, kind, sweet, brave.  You can't ask for a better dog.   None of these pictures are posed... this is just how he looks everyday as he "takes care of business"  around the farm.


Crash&George.jpg (34732 bytes) Crash lounges with George the cat on top of the Jacuzzi.
Hanging out on the front porch.

DCP00324.JPG (21145 bytes)

Crash.jpg (118785 bytes) Here is Crash at the lake for the first time.   He was about 12 weeks old here. 
"What?" Dcp00192.jpg (144574 bytes)