Mr. Goodbar
2001 Pinto Sporthorse Colt

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Born:   6/23/2001
Sire:   Hall Decked Out
Dam:  Lone Holly Dolly

This beautiful colt's temperment is unbelieveable; absolutely the best  we have ever encountered.  He is sweet, curious, gentle and willing.  He really enjoys the company of people.   He will mature to 16.2+h.  His sire is a gorgeous ISR Oldenberg Stallion (see link above).   We expect great things from this colt and he has been handled with care to ensure that he receives the basics for a great future.

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Mr. Goodbar, a few hours after he came into this world...

"Snickers" is such a proud mom...

DCP00979.JPG (37072 bytes)
DCP01040.JPG (159477 bytes). three weeks old... seven months...14 hands   already!

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DCP01813.JPG (22272 bytes) ten months... 14.2h and such a sweet boy.  "Goody"  loves to ride in the trailer and already does all the basics like a pro.