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Olde English Bulldogge Puppies

born 8-7-04

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Here are the puppies that are available as of 10-21-04
Nicknames pictured at six weeks ...at seven weeks
"Hank the Tank"
Congratulations Erin!

You got the sweetest baby in the whole litter.  I can't wait to see how he turns out.

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Just wanted to write a quick email to let you know how happy we are with Hank, who we're now calling Peyton (after the quarterback for the Colts).  He really is the sweetest puppy and became one of the family right from the start.  As of right now, he hasn't had a single potty accident in the house! and is having a lot of fun playing with his toys and cuddling up to Mike or I on the couch.  Thank you again for raising such a sweetie and for the puppy starter kit and supplies.  I will send pictures soon.                  Erin and Mike

Mavis has gone to Richmond, VA to live with her wonderful new family.
We miss her already, but know that she's in good hands.
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*Still available*
He's the largest puppy and the alpha male.  Great temperment, perfect conformation and good enough to be the foundation of a breeding program.
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What a lover! 
Thanks Becky...we know Prince has a great life ahead of him with you guys.
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I just went to your webpage and looked at the pictures of my baby.  He has grown so much. I think he has tripled in size.  We are calling him "Prince".  I gave him his first bath and he handled it like a pro. He is so funny. He takes everything in stride; I don't think anything bothers him.  He loves hanging out with "the ladies" as we call them (3 yorkies and 2 pugs - my mom's babies). I will send pictures soon.  I just wanted to thank you for our Prince.   He is a joy!      Becky

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