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It is with considerable pride that we present:

The Bulldogs of Stonehenge Farms

At Stonehenge Farms, we pride ourselves in producing quality canine companions. This means that we are not a volume producer.  All of our dogs are our pets and share our home.  You can see many candid pictures on the Puppy page and in the Photo Gallery.

One of the questions we are asked most often is "...why not just raise full AKC English Bulldogs?".   The answer is simple.  By crossing in more athletic types of bulldogs, we are building a better, healthier bulldog. The result:  Stonehenge Olde English Bulldogs.  They are truly exceptional dogs; brave and athletic but with the sweetest, most playful personality.

Most English Bulldogs are best suited to laying on the couch and watching TV with you and sharing your pizza.   All the athleticism (and in our opinion, most of the health) has been bred out of the standard version of the bulldog. We are striving to bring back the original version of the bulldog so that they can enjoy a longer, healthier life.  Our dogs do not have to stay trapped indoors in a climate controlled environment, but can also venture out and enjoy the rest of the world with you.

Our Olde  English Bulldogs enjoy laying around watching TV with you but they are also well suited for outdoor activities.  If you like to include your dog in your lifestyle,  an Olde English Bulldog is perfect for you. 


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What's more fun than a puppy?

Click here to see our puppy pictures from all our litters.

See why breeding for temperament makes a Stonehenge Bulldog the perfect family pet.

The Boys

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Crash is an exceptional bulldog and the important founder of our cross-bred program.  He is responsible for our great love for bulldogs.  He is the standard by which others are judged.  In addition to being a great community ambassador, he passes his extraordinary intelligence, great health and kind, gentle temperament to all of his offspring.

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Bruno is the most athletic, outdoorsy and healthy full english bulldog that we have ever seen.  What character he has.  He adds so much to our breeding program; making our crosses beautiful and typey with large heads and a shorter and stockier build.   His personality is sweet, loving, brave and dignified.   He's a mama's boy through and through!!
Bogart is the newest addition to our breeding program.  He is absolutely exceptional in conformation and temperament.  He's one of those dogs that's  never met a stranger and we can take him anywhere and he's always the center of attention.  Watch for his puppies in the near future;  he'll make his mark in the world of bulldogs.

  The Girls!! 

Many of the girls pictured here are retired now and have been adopted.  Our girls average only two litters in their lifetime and we allow them to be adopted when they're young enough to integrate into a new home.  Keeping only a small number of dogs allows us to keep them as pets.  Ask if you'd like to adopt an adult female...they're friendly and well trained, spayed, healthy and current on vaccinations.

Rosie....what can we say about the cutest, sweetest, best tempered, best behaved dog in the world?  Can you tell we think she's special?  She's never met a stranger, can go anywhere and doesn't even need a leash.  Maybe in later life she'll retire to become a therapy dog, but hopefully she'll pass along some of her wonderful genetics first.

LuLu... Arguably the most beautiful bulldog ever!  She has to finish growing up first, but we can't wait to see how gorgeous her puppies will be.  She's also playful, loving and outgoing; what a character.

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Rowdy is a gorgeous olde english bulldog, born and raised here at Stonehenge.   She's the perfect mix of bulldog personality and looks with the health and athleticism we've been trying to reintroduce. 



Sophia is pictured here at eleven months old.  She's just adorable and we hope to start a miniature bulldog line with her.  She is Ms Wiggles' daughter and she certainly got her mom's sweet playful personality. 

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Boom Boom is everything we look for in an olde timey Bulldog.  She has made a tremendous contribution to our breeding program.  In addition to being the BEST MAMA, she has perfect size, conformation, temperament and the looks we all want.

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Bunny is quite a character.  She has had her first litter of two and they're awesome puppies...small quantity but very high quality!

Twinkie is another great example of the old timey southern farm bulldog.  Abundant good health and a sweet, calm temperament make her the perfect family pet. 

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Lucy is an original and a great example of the olde timey farm bulldog.   She has been an exceptional mother and we have had a hard time finding another to compare.  She's sweet, loving and trustworthy enough to play with small children yet brave enough to face down any foe.   Click here to see Lucy and Bruno's last litter.